What is the Portland Mentoring Alliance?

The Portland Mentoring Alliance was established in 1992 and, during the past quarter century, volunteers from the business, education, and retirement communities throughout Greater Portland have been matched with Portland High School students to create supportive mentoring relationships.  Many students who request a mentor are first generation immigrants or refugees who especially benefit from having a native born English-speaking adult help them navigate this important time in their lives.  The program focuses on academic success, post secondary planning, and socialization as experienced in an one-on-one mentoring relationship.


How We Work

Primarily, a mentor serves as a consistent, reliable role model and a trusted friend to a high school student.  The relationship provides the mentor with opportunities to share professional and personal interests, and offer the student career/college guidance.  Usually a mentor meets with the student for a minimum of one hour per week for one school year.  The relationship may extend beyond one year if both the mentor and mentee agree.

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Goals of the Program

- To ensure there are significant adults who take interest in the lives of students.
- To assist students with knowledge, skills, and attitude in their academics, career path, and relationships in high school and beyond. 
- To sustain and increase the number of matches.